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Karen Sharpe Kramer


Karen Sharpe received the prestigious Golden Globe award for her performance in the award winning film THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY. She was nominated in an Emmy for her performance on Matinee Theatre for Television, Life Magazine named her the busiest actress in television. She has appeared as the leading lady and guest artist in almost every television show during the 50’s and 60’s in over 100 appearances.  She has also appeared as the lead in 12 motion pictures. During her marriage to film maker Stanley Kramer, she worked along side Stanley on all of his productions. Since her husband’s passing in 2001, Karen has established the Stanley Kramer Library, Stanley Kramer Foundation and her own production company KNK Productions Inc. 


She has also established the Stanley Kramer Award at the Producers Guild, The Stanley Kramer Fellowship Award  in directing, Stanley Kramers Social Artist Award for the Catalina film festival award and has established the Stanley Film Festival in Palm springs. She is a long time member of the Producers Guild of America.



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